David L. McGee Matthew P. Massey

David L. McGee, Matthew P. Massey

Congratulations to Beggs & Lane’s outstanding defense team of David L. McGee and Matthew P. Massey. After a week-long trial in Federal Court, 12 jurors unanimously exonerated our physician client of charges brought by the U.S. Attorney’s office.  The government had charged our client, a board-certified pulmonologist with 36 years of dedicated practice, with some very serious crimes. The government alleged, in 61 counts, that the physician had committed health care fraud involving prescriptions provided to his sick and suffering patients. David and Matthew mounted such a vigorous defense that the government actually dropped the 28 health care fraud counts before the trial even started. In the mid-July 2022 trial, after a week of testimony by FBI and DEA agents and other fact and medical expert witnesses, the jury only needed 2 hours of deliberations to find our client not guilty on all 33 remaining counts involving prescription practices. The experience, hard work and skill of Beggs & Lane’s two former federal prosecutors, David McGee and Matthew Massey, was instrumental in securing justice for this client.