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Going into any type of agreement requires you to have a perfect understanding of all moving parts. Beggs & Lane is a full service law firm that provides legal advice and counsel to major corporations, businesses, and individuals, and specializes in a range of industries including the energy sector. We assist our clients with undertakings such as a renewable energy power purchase, power supply contracts, acquisitions, and more. Whether you require outstanding counsel for your agreements, or you want proper representation for trial or litigation, you can count on our experienced team.

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As your experts in energy law in Pensacola, FL, the team at Beggs & Lane provides outstanding representation that assists you in any matter. We believe in building long term client relationships based on a results oriented approach to solving problems and have been serving businesses and individuals since 1883. From energy contracts to white collar crime, our experienced team will provide outstanding support that you can count on. We are committed to gaining results for our clients that protect you now and in the long term. See the difference an expert legal team can make for you.

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