Charlie Wiggins of Beggs & Lane recently obtained a favorable decision from Florida’s First District Court of Appeal for one of the firm’s clients, a local beverage distributor. The case involved a trip-and-fall claim against the distributor. The plaintiff alleged that he fell over a beer pallet located near the entrance of a liquor store. In the plaintiff’s suit, he asserted that the distributor was negligent in its placement of the pallet. He further alleged that the distributor’s negligence was the cause of his personal injuries. The distributor denied the claim. After depositions of the plaintiff and representatives of the distributor and the liquor store, Charlie filed a motion for summary judgment. The basis of the summary judgment was that the distributor did not owe a legal duty to the plaintiff; therefore, the distributor could not be held responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries. The trial court judge entered summary judgment in favor of the beer distributor, and the plaintiff appealed. The appellate court ruled in favor of the distributor on April 4, 2017.

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