Sports and Entertainment

Our Sports & Entertainment Group understands the challenges and legal needs facing professionals and businesses in the sports, entertainment, and recreational industries. We provide a full spectrum of representation, ranging from company formation and protection of intellectual property rights in the USA and worldwide to contract negotiations, litigation, real estate, and estate planning.


Our attorneys have represented entertainment industry clients including musicians, bands, songwriters, actors, comedians, celebrities, models, entertainers, authors, movie and animation studios, producers, agents, publishing companies, symphony orchestras, record studios and labels, broadcasters, celebrity chefs, reality TV stars and contestants, media, television hosts, intellectual property holding companies, and other businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals in the entertainment arena.

Sports and Recreation

Our attorneys have represented sports and recreation industry clients including active and retired athletes at the professional, Olympic, semi-pro, amateur, collegiate, and high school levels, sports leagues and teams, team owners, coaches, agents, sports marketing companies, sports philanthropies, resorts, and other companies, non-profit organizations, and individuals in the sports and recreation arenas.


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