Federal and State Criminal Defense

Our Criminal Defense Group handles a wide variety of criminal matters in state and federal court.  The attorneys in our Criminal Defense Group have many decades of experience in defending clients against criminal charges.  Our experience tells us that the key to any successful criminal defense is a thorough investigation and analysis of the facts of each individual case.  Our firm has the experience and resources to handle any criminal case from the investigatory phase through trial.  The firm handles:

  • State court misdemeanors (battery, DUI, underage possession of alcohol, etc.)
  • State court felonies (grand theft, possession of controlled substances, weapons charges, etc.)
  • Federal court charges (drugs, wire fraud, conspiracy, RICO, money laundering, federal contracting offenses, etc.)
  • Health care fraud
  • Income tax charges
  • Violations of probation/community control
  • Expungement/sealing of criminal records
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