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Who Would Want a “Crummey” Trust?

By: Kevin M. Helmich, Esq. Through a consistent program of annual exclusion gifting, an individual can dramatically reduce the size of his or her taxable estate. For those persons fortunate enough to have an estate with a value in excess of the unified credit equivalent ($5.49 million in 2017), an annual schedule of gifting can result in significant estate tax savings. The Annual Exclusion: Each year, a person can gift up to $14,000 to as many separate individuals as he or she desires. A married couple can combine their annual gifting capacity for a total of $28,000 per recipient. The [...]

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10 Things To Consider Before Signing The Purchase Agreement

By Jessica Andrade If you are like the majority of homebuyers in Florida, you are probably all too familiar with the Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase as approved by the Florida Realtors and The Florida Bar (the “Purchase Agreement”).  By “familiar,” I mean you’ve probably seen it - either your realtor has shared it with you or you stumbled across it online.  But do you really understand its terms?  Before signing on the bottom line, consider these ten quick tips that could save you a lot of time and trouble throughout the buying process. Personal Property – Page 1, [...]

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Can I Erase My Criminal Record?

By Charles T. Wiggins When a person is arrested in Florida, the arrest record stays around forever. As in forever . This can cause problems when applying for jobs and professional licenses. Can I have my criminal record erased? Answer: It depends. Most of the time, if the charges were dropped, or the sentence did not result in a conviction (more on that in a bit), the charges can be sealed or expunged. “Sealed” means that the arrest record still exists in the court file, but is inaccessible without a court order. “Expunged” means that the arrest record must be [...]

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“What the Heck is My Lawyer Talking About?”

By Thomas F. Gonzalez Somehow, you have found your way to the Beggs & Lane law firm blog. I will assume you clicked on this link purposefully and did not simply find your way here accidentally because you were looking for a good deal on a purse ( or you are trying to hone your Irish dance skills ( Assuming you are here on the Beggs & Lane blog purposefully, you must be looking for some useful tidbit of legal knowledge. As a trial lawyer, I often meet with individuals who have never been exposed to the legal process. My [...]

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Understanding The Notice Requirements Under Florida’s Lien Law

By Joseph A. Passeretti Introduction Florida’s Lien Law is a powerful and effective means that a Supplier, Subcontractor or Contractor can utilize to make sure they are properly compensated for their work or their material. It is also an effective means to make sure an Owner of a construction project is not required to pay twice for materials and work associated with the construction project. The term “lien rights” refers to rights established by Florida law upon construction participants (Owners and Builders) to file a lien in the event of nonpayment. Many construction participants are generally aware that such rights exist [...]

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Significant Change Proposed To Estate And Gift Valuation Rules

By Robert L. Jones, III, Esq. Estate and gift taxes, or transfer taxes, are taxes on the transfer of assets from one person to another either by gift during his or her lifetime or by inheritance at death. In 2016, only transfers by an individual or their estate in excess of $5.45 million are subject to tax. For married couples in 2016, no tax is collected on the first $10.9 million transferred. For purposes of the estate and gift tax, assets must be valued at fair market value. For transfer tax purposes, the term is defined in the regulations as the price [...]

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