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Can I Erase My Criminal Record?

By Charles T. Wiggins When a person is arrested in Florida, the arrest record stays around forever. As in forever . This can cause problems when applying for jobs and professional licenses. Can I have my criminal record erased? Answer: It depends. Most of the time, if the charges were [...]

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Late Subchapter S Election Relief

If a taxpayer misses the deadline to file a subchapter S election all is not lost. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has struggled with the procedures for obtaining relief from missing such a filing. Rev. Proc. 2013-30 is the method for obtaining relief for late S elections. It modifies and [...]

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Beggs & Lane Welcomes Jena M. Wise

Beggs & Lane is pleased to announce that Jena M. Wise has joined the firm as an associate in its Pensacola office. Ms. Wise focuses her practice in the areas of medical malpractice and commercial litigation. “Jena is an outstanding addition to our firm. We are proud to have her [...]

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“What the Heck is My Lawyer Talking About?”

By Thomas F. Gonzalez Somehow, you have found your way to the Beggs & Lane law firm blog. I will assume you clicked on this link purposefully and did not simply find your way here accidentally because you were looking for a good deal on a purse ( or you [...]

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Understanding The Notice Requirements Under Florida’s Lien Law

By Joseph A. Passeretti Introduction Florida’s Lien Law is a powerful and effective means that a Supplier, Subcontractor or Contractor can utilize to make sure they are properly compensated for their work or their material. It is also an effective means to make sure an Owner of a construction project [...]

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Beggs & Lane Welcomes Amy P. Slaman

Beggs & Lane is pleased to announce that Amy P. Slaman has joined the firm as an associate in its Destin office. Ms. Slaman focuses her practice in the areas of corporate law, probate, and estate planning. Her practice includes business formation, and related transactional services for corporations, limited liability [...]

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Why Have a Last Will?

By Robert L. Jones, III, Esq.   A recent Google Consumer survey estimated that 63 percent of Americans do not have a last will and that 9 percent have a will that is out of date. Florida gives a person freedom to dispose of one’s own property at death through [...]

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